Meet the Team

Dedicated Educators

Ms. Kim


Mrs. Breta is one of our lead teachers. She has worked at Ja'Duke Preschool since 2018. Her favorite part of working at Ja'Duke Preschool is drawing from children's interests to let each child explore those aspects while learning from one another. 

Ms. Dani

Assistant Director - STEP Lead Teacher

Mrs. Dani is a certified Lead Teacher and Director II. She has worked at Ja'Duke Preschool since 2012. Her favorite part of working at Ja'Duke Preschool is seeing the young children's excitement as they

grow and learn. 

Ms. Abby

Orange Room

Ms. Abby is the lead infant teacher in the Orange Room. She's always loved the idea of working with kids and she got the opportunity to nanny in Ireland for 3 months. She fell in love with caring for young children! When she came back and found Ja'Duke Preschool, she was so happy to join our team! She's so happy to be here working with the kids and teachers.

Ms. Eula

Orange Room

Mrs. Janet is one of our lead teachers. She has worked at Ja'Duke Preschool since 2010. Her favorite part of working at Ja'Duke Preschool is seeing the children's confidence and skills grow as individuals who love to learn.

Ms. Janet

Green Room

Ms. Janet is the lead teacher in the Green Room. She has been a part of the Ja’Duke  team since 2008. She attended Greenfield Community College where she acquired her degree in early education. She has also taken on fine arts courses at UMASS to supplement her education. Ms. Janet believes that it is thrilling to be here where the Arts are such an integral part of our curriculum. Working with young children in this rich, diverse environment has proven to be both a privilege and a joy for Ms. Janet. She has a strong love of music, language and creativity...all key components in building a child’s healthy growth and development. She believes it is essential for us to nurture those self-help and social emotional skills in our youngsters, yet making it super positive and fun. This approach can lead to happy, healthy children who are motivated and excited to learn!

Ms. Jisun

Purple Room 1

Mrs. Laura is one of our lead teachers. She has worked at Ja'Duke Preschool since 2016. She loves to be involved in her student's lives and watch them blossom and grow.

Ms. Jocelyn

Yellow Room

Ms. Jocelyn is the teacher in the Yellow Room. She started here in the Fall of 2019 and fell in love with teaching! She is currently enrolled at GCC and is working towards completing her lead teacher certificate. Her favorite thing about teaching is being a part of a class, watching them learn together and grow together. Ms.Jocelyn loves making a connection with each and every friend she come across! 

Ms. Kerri

Purple Room 1

Ms. Kerri is a certified lead Infant/Toddler and preschool teacher in the Purple Room. She has worked at Ja’Duke Preschool for 5 years and has been in the field for 11 years. Her favorite part of working at Ja’Duke is watching the children learn and grow throughout the building. 

Ms. Laura

Blue Room

Ms. Laura is the lead teacher in the Blue Room for Pre-K. She has been teaching for almost 4 years at Ja'Duke Preschool and has learned so much throughout her years here.  She loves camping with her friends and family, reading, hiking, rollerblading and taking long walks on the beach looking for seashells and sea glass. You can often find her on the sidelines cheering on her children in their many activities but recently she's discovered she loves being in shows with her children. Sometimes you just need to be brave to conquer your fears!!!!! She can't wait to meet all of her students and watch them blossom and grow.

Ms. Mary

Yellow Room

Ms. Mary is a toddler teacher in the Green room. This is her first year at Ja’Duke Preschool. She is EEC teacher certified in preschool/ infant toddler and has been working in preschools for 12 years. She enjoys helping children build positive relationships, become more independent, and feel loved and cared for. 

Ms. Sheryl

Purple Room 2

Ms. Sheryl is an EEC certified preschool/ Infant toddler teacher. She has been with Ja'Duke for 11 years. Ms. Sheryl has worked in every room at Ja'Duke, and really enjoys being with the preschoolers. Prior to working for Ja'Duke she worked for the Greenfield public schools as a para and with children with cognitive disabilities. Ms. Sheryl is grateful that she can be part of molding the young minds of children and to be able to help guide them to reach new milestones throughout the year.